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"Mako on the Fly"

Mako Shark Doucmentary Film

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Shark Documentary

See Mark in the new short film documentary, "FOR THE SPORT OF IT" An up close and personal experience with one of the oceans fastest and most explosive fish, the Mako Shark. Follow guide Capt.Mark Martin (owner /operater of San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing) as he battles these amazing sport fish with nothing more then a fly rod in hand and a relentless passion to preserve our oceans fisheries for future generations to come.


Mark Martin is the owner of San Diego Saltwater Fly fishing is also the captain. Mark has been fishing the waters of the San Diego bite for years. Although he offers blue water and inshore fly fishing of all kinds, his true passion is for the Mako shark that visits the waters of
San Diego, CA.

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"San Diego offers a shark fishery like no other place, right here in our own backyard, within miles ofshore, you have a chance of sight fishing for Mako shark on the fly. These amazing sharks have the capability of peeling drag off you reel at speeds of 35mph while jumping and flipping up to ten feet in the air before hitting the water and doing it again. In my opinion, they are the most impressive game fish to catch on a fly rod. The best way to increase your chances at a trophy sized fish is to do a full day trip. Half day trips in season can offer an intense four - five hours of tug-a-war as well, just less hours for the adult mako to show up.

Mako Shark Hooked San Diego

We practice STRICT CATCH AND RELEASE with all of our sharks in this area as well as many other fish species. The San Diego waters are a nursery for the Short Fin Mako shark, which is why we will see many sharks from the 80-150 pound range. It is not uncommon during season to bring ten sharks to the boat in a single day. We feel that we have the power to help the population of Mako shark thrive hear in san Diego waters and in many other parts of the world by spreading the word and raising awareness of the Mako sharks ability to be an amazing sport fish without having to take them from their oceans.



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